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Each season, we strive to make sure that we are staying true to our mission of teaching the whole child and creating a fun family centered environment.  We here at Georgia Elite Sports Academy, Inc. understand that it's about the kids and they are our MAIN FOCUS. To make sure we are living up to our expectations and those of the community, we survey our parents to make sure that we're giving them a experience they can enjoy and be proud of; because at the end of the day, if it wasn't for the loving parents, we wouldn't exist. This organization belongs to the FAMILY UNIT. Here are some recent comments from our organization parents.

                                                                                              Georgia Elite Sports Academy (GESA) - Flag Football Promo 2014

My son is on the Cardinals and I want to express how happy I am with this program and coach Brien Fowler! We have had an awesome season!!! Everyone with this organization has been so helpful and pleasant to the families! The coaches are positive and fair. It is a great program and I am glad to be a part of it.” -Joy Meyer

"Thank you for bringing such an innovative and fresh sports program to the McDonough/Locust Grove area. I have three children that attend Tussahaw Elementary School; they were introduced to the Flag Football Information at their 1st Grade Program in February and seem very excited about the season." -Chetayla McGruder

"Win or lose, they have fun running around and learning more about football. They have a great time and have become more confident in their abilities and knowledgeable about the sport." -James Howard

"My boys are having fun and that makes parents happy! It's Fun. Fair. Professional. Organized. Friendly."

"This league gave my son some confidence within himself athletically and has opened his eyes to a sport he at one time had zero interest in."

"Thank you guys for a great season. Amal had a great time!" -Alpa Panchal

"We had a great time on yesterday at Georgia Elite Sports Academy, Inc. Super Bowl Extraganza! Thanks to a great flag football season!" -Lynn Mallory

"Congratulations Georgia Elite Sports Academy on a successful kickoff this past Saturday. My daughter had a great time participating in her first NFL flag football game. So excited for the future of this organization and the positive impact it will have on the youth in Henry County!!" -Angela Turner

"This organization is doing GREAT things. I wouldn't play for another league period!!" -Erica Gilbert

 "My son is so excited that he is going to be part of this organization!!" -Tina Michelle

"That's absolutely awesome!! All the accomplishments have not gone unnoticed by myself. I think it is majestic the way that you all given of your time and focus to be there for these boys. This outlet is important to myself as well as my son and though it doesn't always work out the way he would like, these experiences are teaching him somethings that he can use now and all the things that he will definitely use later......Kudos, applause and thanks you all." -Tikira Booker

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