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Volunteer Corps

The Seed – Families represent the first essential system and support for each child’s learning and development.

The Sprout – Parental involvement and engagement is crucial and focuses on what parents and GESA, Inc. are doing in isolation, as well as the structure of activities, organization and youth development.

The Seedling – Research shows parental involvement and engagement in a child’s learning and development are associated with:
• Increased achievement and academic
• Stronger homework and study habits
• Higher educational aspirations
• Significant increase in self-esteem and accountability

The Bloom – GESA, Inc. and family partnerships will emphasize and enhance student outcomes through the development of supports across settings.

Over the past few years, our volunteer efforts have been in their infancy. Through no fault of willing volunteers, at times tasks were not delegated out to lessen the workload. This was a result of three things primarily:
1. Limited time and resource to properly direct the effort even if delegated.
2. Unclear direction of what to delegate due to newness of our organization.
3. Lack of organization and structure of timely planned events.

We have since addressed these issues moving forward. We listened to your feedback and are soliciting your help to carry the load of helping develop our youth. Will you join our Volunteer Corps? In order to make this question easy for you to answer we have modified our operating structure to include a place for volunteer involvement. GESA, Inc. Volunteer Corps is an “active” volunteer committee structure that enables and aids the GESA, Inc. vision.

The Board of Directors, Executive Cabinet and Volunteer Corps will interact together as a team with different roles. The Volunteer Corps is an extension of the Executive Cabinet and their role is to provide advice and recommendations, as well as task specific support for things like concessions, field maintenance, fundraising, etc. Additionally each committee chair will represent its respective committee at monthly board meetings. Committee members may meet more or less as directed by the chairperson.

Ultimately we encourage you to leave the sideline and get in the game! Become a part of “the village” that surrounds our children and supports the communities in which we raise them….TODAY! Please review the list of committees below and “get in where you fit in”! Contact us at [email protected] or at 678-820-0090.

Volunteer Corps Committees
• Academics
• Community Outreach
• Equipment
• Facility Maintenance
• Fundraising
• Marketing & Sponsorship
• Parent-Coach Organization